Manitoba Opera

Feb 25, 2022

Tenor Kyle Briscoe joins Admin Team

Kyle Briscoe certainly has something to sing about these days: he is realizing his dream of working in arts administration. Kyle joined the Manitoba Opera staff team earlier this month in the newly created role of Executive Assistant. He will be providing administrative and research support to the General Director & CEO and the Director of Operations, as well as manage monthly board, committee, and staff meetings.

“As a self-described administration nerd, I am looking forward to contributing to Manitoba Opera’s initiatives, development, and productions through the duties of my role,” he explains.

“One of the most meaningful parts of my university career was attending Manitoba Opera productions and experiencing the magic behind my studies’ purpose. I have always been curious and eager to learn more about how such productions came to be from an administrative perspective. To have an opportunity to join the team responsible, where I would be able to contribute myself, is a dream come true.”

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kyle attended the University of Manitoba where he received an undergraduate degree in vocal performance studying as a tenor under Mel Braun. He was also fortunate to participate in the Association for Opera in Canada’s inaugural emerging artist fellowship during the final year of his studies. It proved to be a great opportunity to develop his autobiographical new music-theatre work and build on professional development.

Prior to joining Manitoba Opera full time, Kyle did some telemarketing for the company and had started developing an Opera Class session while working as a freelance opera artist. He plans to continue as Alumni Assistant with the Association for Opera in Canada, where he provides support in the young artist program and their community engagement.

Maintaining his studio of five students who inspired Kyle to continue his own development as a singer and artist and singing in the Young United Church Choir for the last four years, also help to keep him in touch with the performance side of his career.

“Opera has always been my paint and paintbrush for creativity,” he explains. “My experience in all aspects of opera reminds me of its unmatched expressive power – it has the potential to teach you how to feel.”

“Opera, and other art forms alike, create a brave space to connect communities of people through a shared experience of vulnerability and healing. In a time of such uncertainty and emotional recovery, I believe a thriving arts community is more important than ever.”

In his limited spare time, Kyle can be found running half marathons around River Heights, spending time with close friends and family, or working on his first-ever album release which will feature a collection of folk-pop music he has written over the last year.

You’ll also be able to catch Kyle perform later this month in the WSO’s presentation of Handel’s Solomon (March 25). He’ll be singing the role of the attendant in the chorus and will be joining sopranos Tracy Dahl and Monica Huisman, countertenor Daniel Taylor, and the University of Manitoba Singers for this exultant work.

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