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Manitoba Opera Chorus

Members of the Manitoba Opera Chorus come from all walks of life and all segments of our community. However, no matter where they’re from, what they do for a living, or what their life experiences are, they all share a love of singing and a love of the art form that translates into a passion and dedication that so richly enhances the works Manitoba Opera brings to life on the stage.

Winnipeg’s musical treasure, Chorus Master, Rehearsal Pianist, and Assistant Music Director, Tadeusz Biernacki, has been at the helm of the chorus for over four decades.

"It was an incredible experience being in the Manitoba Opera Chorus." - Gail Asper

Supernumerary Roles

If you don’t sing but still want to be in an opera, consider becoming an opera extra – a Supernumerary. Called “supers” for short, supernumeraries are similar to movie extras and fill the roles of townspeople, party goers, or soldiers, for example.

There is no singing or speaking required for these roles.

A great way to experience opera!

"It is a privilege and a thrill to be onstage with great professionals, and I love being part of the Chorus." - Linda Feasby

For more information on the Chorus and supernumerary roles:

Sheldon Johnson, Director of Production,