Manitoba Opera

Digital Emerging Artists Program


Manitoba Opera’s 2022 Digital Emerging Artists Program is a four-week training intensive designed to provide vocal instruction, professional development, performance experience, and earning opportunities for Canadian singers who are in the early stages of their careers. 

This program prepares participants for success as multi-platform performers capable of engaging audiences through digital media as well as live performance.   

The 2022 Digital Emerging Artists Program will take place entirely online. Practical instruction, workshops, and performance output will occur over video conferencing platforms. 


The Digital Emerging Artists Program runs from
August 3 through August 31, 2022.



Congratulations to the 2022 Digital Emerging Artists:



2022 DEAP Independent Learner:



The Independent Learner position was created this year to provide an opportunity for a BIPOC artist to join the Digital Emerging Artists Program as a partial participant, auditing the program to enrich their early career through experience as a performer and creator. Ritchie will learn from DEAP core faculty, coaches, and guest artists, and engage with the Digital Emerging Artists in collaborative learning opportunities.



About the Program

During this four-week intensive, participants will study with a core faculty of four vocal teaching artists (Tracy DahlMonica HuismanMarion Newman, and John Tessier) and one director (Ann Hodges). The faculty serve as mentors throughout the program, providing individual and tandem instruction and masterclasses for participants. Guest teaching artists and presenters will provide individual and group sessions on interpretation, language coaching, professional development, and more. Participants’ daily schedules are comprised of a combination of personal and group voice instruction, creative workshops, and professional development sessions.  

Participants will learn valuable project management skills as they take on the role of executive producer for a video project of their own design. From the storyboard to the studio, participants will develop their ideas with the support of core faculty and recording professionals, experiencing every step involved in creating and producing a highquality video. Manitoba Opera staff will coordinate production logistics.