Mar 12, 2021

Manitoba Opera presents The Barber of Seville as styled by Al Simmons

Comedy & Close Shaves Free Streaming on Demand
March 20-28

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! In need of a few laughs? It’s the world’s most famous barber to the rescue, courtesy of Manitoba’s most famous comedian of invention, Al Simmons. Manitoba Opera is pleased to be presenting a digital version of The Barber of Seville as styled by Al Simmons which will be available to stream on demand for free at from March 20 to 28.

Roll over Rossini! Al has translated the story of this popular comic opera from Italian to English and condensed Rossini’s comical look at love, greed, deceit, and close shaves. In this 45-minute rendition of the madcap comedy, Al plays all 10 characters and even audience members!

“I love to sing and tell stories; I also love opera and The Barber of Seville is one of my favourites. In this adaptation of my school show, I portray all of the main characters in the opera, plus I now take on the role of numerous other eccentrics. Most importantly, I sit in the audience and occasionally make comments about what’s going on onstage!” explains Al. “Thanks to the magic of video, my characters are able to interact with each other. I’m very proud of how this has turned out and hope Rossini (the composer) would appreciate my take on it.”

Commissioned by Manitoba Opera in 2009 for in-school presentations, Al has performed his one-person show, to rave reviews, for thousands of students in schools all across the province for over a decade.

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