Manitoba Opera

Feb 27, 2023

Honour Roll Recipients Celebrated at Concert

This season Manitoba Opera is recognizing people and organizations whose involvement with the company over the past five decades has been instrumental in our success.  

This includes contributions in the areas of service, artistic, advocacy and ambassadorship, and financial support.  

Honour Roll members were feted at a pre-show reception at the 50th Season Anniversary Concert on Saturday. They were presented with a Certificate of Achievement and had their photograph take with Judith Chambers, Chair, Board of Trustees and Larry Desrochers, General Director & CEO. 

Bravo to all the Honour Roll inductees!  Your support has enabled Manitoba Opera to serve our community for 50 seasons. Thank You.   


Manitoba Opera Honour Roll 

(◊ Deceased)


Joann Alexander Smith ◊ 

Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D. 

Tadeusz A. Biernacki 

Michael Blais 


Carolyn Boyes 

Canada Life 

Michael D. Cavanagh 

Tracy Dahl, C.M. 

Cary Denby 

Rosalind Dick 

Jeanie M. Dubberley 

Phil and Ilse Ens 

Phillip Ens 

Hedie L. Epp 

Judith D. Forst, O.C., O.B.C. 

Peter George 

Dr. Irving Guttman, C.M., O.B.C. ◊ 

Elba Haid 

Leona Herzog 

Lori Houston 

Audrey Hubbard 

I.A.T.S.E. Local 63 

IG Wealth Management 

Sheldon Johnson 

Koren Kaminski 

Tusia Kozub 

Bruce Lang ◊ 

Bill and Shirley ◊ Loewen  

Manitoba Arts Council 

Manitoba Opera Chorus 

Craig McIntosh and Lorraine Beck 

Leo ◊ and Margareth Mol ◊ 

Michael Nesbitt 

Tyrone Paterson 

Donna Plant 

Drs. William Pope and Elizabeth Tippett Pope 

Andre Prevost 

Richardson Foundation 

Hartley, LVO, O.C., O.M., LL.D. and Heather Richardson 

Tannis M. Richardson, C.M., LL.D. 

Alex Robinson 

Darlene Ronald 

Family Members of Darlene Ronald  

Stewart, Derrick, and Ryan Heaton, Beverly Laurin 

Karl Schaible 

Eleanor Siddall ◊ 

Al Simmons 

Dr. Lawrence Soloway ◊ 

Stano Spina ◊ 

John Standing ◊ 

Bill Stewart 

Jane Stewart 

Stewart Thomson ◊ 

Dr. Robert H. ◊ Thorlakson, Q.C. and Deborah Thorlakson 

The Honourable A. Kerr Twaddle ◊ 

Robert Vineberg 

Ruth Waters ◊ 

David Watson 

Lois Watson-Lyons 

Alice Wiebe 

Bill Williams 

Winnipeg Arts Council 

The Winnipeg Foundation 

Winnipeg Free Press 

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra 

Karin Woods 

Lori Yorke 

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