Jul 12, 2018

Manitoba Opera to honour Gail Asper for her exemplary leadership and vision with a gala reception, September 13, 2018

Manitoba Opera announced today that the company will honour Winnipeg native Gail Asper for her exemplary leadership and vision with a Gala Reception which will be held Thursday, September 13, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Manitoba Club, 194 Broadway, Winnipeg.

Canadian generosity is exemplified in Gail Asper, who is a tireless champion for arts and culture. A visionary dreamer whose courage and conviction inspire others to see Manitoba’s vast potential, Asper inspires us to serve, to give, and to make our community a better place. Asper has created a legacy of philanthropy in our country which resonates from coast to coast, standing as a benchmark for those who will come after. Her decades of service to others have made an indelible and unparalleled imprint on Canadians, and it is fitting that Manitoba Opera is honouring Asper with the inaugural Gail Asper Award.

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Jul 10, 2018

Manitoba Opera’s 45th Season Boasts Unparalleled Artistic acclaim and Surplus on the Year

Manitoba Opera (MO) announced this evening at its 2017/18 Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at the McKim Building in Winnipeg,  that the 2017/18 season which ended May 31, 2018, received unparalleled artistic acclaim and posted a surplus of $10,995 on a budget of $2,358,152.

This season’s financial success was marked by significant increases in attendance, historic fundraising levels, and an increase in funding from the Canada Council for the Arts. Total box office cash revenues (subscription and single tickets) increased by 32% to $666,131 from $502,797 in 2016/17.

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Mar 23, 2018

New Production of All-Time Favourite – LA TRAVIATA Has World Premiere on Manitoba Opera Stage

A new production of one of the world’s all-time favourite operas – La Traviata – will have its world premiere with Manitoba Opera at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, Saturday, April 14 (7:30 pm), Tuesday, April 17 (7 pm), and Friday, April 20 (7:30 pm).

Reset to the glamorous world of 1920s Paris, the new production is the first-ever collaboration of five Canadian opera companies: Pacific Opera Victoria (POV), Vancouver Opera (VO), Edmonton Opera (EO), Manitoba Opera (MO), and Opéra de MontréaI (OM).  Each company provided a fifth of the cost of the production with the set built by EO and the wardrobe and props built/sourced by POV.  Scenery and costume design are by the award-winning, Stratford, Ontario-based designer Christina Poddubiuk.

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