Click on the map to see the perspective views of the stage.

Orchestra Left (Rows 6-9)

Orchestra Centre (Row 6-9)

Orchestra Right (Row 6-9)

Orchestra Left (Rows 10-18)

Orchestra Centre (Rows 10-18)

Orchestra Right (Rows 10-18)

Orchestra Right (Rows 19-24)

Orchestra Centre (Rows 19-24)

Orchestra Left (Rows 19-24)

Orchestra Right (Rows 25-33)

Orchestra Centre (Rows 25-32)

Orchestra Left (Rows 25-33)

1st Balcony Right

1st Balcony Centre

1st Balcony Left

Left Loge (Rows 1-5)

Left Loge (Rows 6-11)

Right Loge (Rows 1-5)

Right Loge (Rows 6-11)

2nd Balcony