Safety Protocols

Your Safety is of Paramount Importance to Us


for Manitoba Opera Events at the Centennial Concert Hall




  • All cleaning procedures are conducted solely by the staff of the Centennial Concert Hall.
  • Theatre seating will be cleaned after every show with newly purchased sanitizing equipment.
  • Frequent touchpoints in the lobby, washrooms, and other areas will be wiped down and sanitized before and during performances.
  • Where possible, interior doors will be propped open to reduce touchpoints.
  • The cleaning agent being used by the Centennial Concert Hall is listed on – Disinfectants to use Against Covid-19. DIN number 02393131 Super Quat Plus.



  • Staff are required to declare they are symptom-free. They are instructed to stay home if they (or household members) have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Event staff will wear PPE during events.
  • Plexiglass shields and or face shields will be used at all points of sale.
  • Staff must wash/sanitize their hands at least every 30 minutes and will have access to gloves for specific duties.
  • All staff will receive training on pandemic prevention practices in order to protect themselves and all other building users. This includes customer service while social distancing, proper sanitization techniques, guest interaction etiquette and emergency response protocol.



  • Patrons who experience symptoms of COVID-19, the flu or a cold should not enter the facility. If you or any household members have any symptoms of COVID-19, you should remain at home and plan to get tested as soon as possible.
  • We ask that you take the self assessment before arrival.   CLICK HERE FOR THE SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL
  • If you begin to show symptoms during an event, please make your way to Guest Services for assessment.



  • Hand sanitizer is readily available in the lobby areas for patrons to use, we request you use it immediately upon entry into the lobby to ensure all patrons have sanitized.
  • Masks are required during your visit to Centennial Concert Hall. Please put your mask on before entering the facility. (Manitoba Opera will have complimentary masks available in the event you forgot yours.)
  • If you have a documented medical condition and are exempt from wearing a mask, please ensure your have medical documentation to provide to staff.
  • If you have hand sanitizer, we encourage you to keep a small bottle with you for quick access.
  • Act responsibly and keep physically distant from other patrons.



  • Your ticket will indicate a specific arrival time which will allow for proper physical distancing during ingress.
  • Should you require box office services upon arrival at the theatre, please make your way to Box Office in the front lobby.
  • Tickets will be scanned with a handheld device upon entry to eliminate person-to-person contact.



  • Reserved seating is in effect for every show. Theatre capacity is reduced (currently 200), and seating is staggered to ensure compliance with Manitoba Government physical distancing guidelines.
  • Performances will be limited to 90 minutes and will not have an intermission.
  • Floor markers and signs will indicate distancing guidelines at possible congestion areas.
  • Tables, lobby seating, and concessions may be reduced or unavailable to meet physical distancing guidelines.
  • After the performance, please exit one row at a time and maintain physical distance on your way out. Instructions for exiting will be provided at the concert.



  • Limited concessions may be available (all beverages will be “made to order”) to reduce touch points.
  • If available, food will be pre-packaged.



  • Please maintain physical distancing while waiting in line.
  • Some stalls and sinks may be out of service to facilitate physical distancing.
  • We encourage guests to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.



  • Water fountains are not available.



  • Coat check will not be available.



  • Consider using mobile phone apps to pay for parking in outdoor lots, download Hangtag for use at Impark lots and PayByPhone for use with street parking. Set up your account before you leave for the event, so you can pay quickly and easily when you arrive.
  • Indoor parking pay stations will be cleaned frequently and have hand sanitizer available.



  • The main foyer and side lobbies are supplied air through two air handlers with a combined capacity of 77,427 cubic feet per minute. This provides approximately 4.6 complete air changes per hour and the air is filtered by MERV-8 air filters. The air handler for the theatre seating area delivers 37,176 cubic feet of air per minute. This provides approximately 5.3 complete air changes per hour and the air is filtered by MERV-8 rated air filters.



Please call the box office at 204-944-8824