Manitoba Opera

A Sparkling Musical Comedy Classic

The Synopsis

In beautiful Westphalia, Candide, his cousin Cunegonde, her brother Maximilian, and the mad Paquette live a blissful life. Their teacher, Dr. Pangloss, has instilled in them the notion that all events, even bad ones, are for the best.

Determined to follow his instructor’s creed of mindless optimism, after being banished from his homeland, Candide embarks on his search for life’s meaning and confronts arduous travel, grave misfortune, corrupt mankind, and merciless Nature. However, despite the changing tides of bliss and misery, optimism and pessimism, the hopeful Candide, along with his childhood love Cunegonde, commit themselves to the pursuit of “universal good.

Running Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes, with one 20-minute intermission

Composed by Leonard Bernstein

Original libretto by Lillian Hellman
Based on French author, Voltaire’s satirical masterpiece Candide, ou L’optimisme