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Taylor McCaffrey LLP builds hope through commitment to their community

Nov 24, 2022

Taylor McCaffrey LLP is committed to delivering excellence while building lasting relationships with its clients. Their years of service to the citizens of Winnipeg have centered around listening and showing generosity to the community they serve.


A lot has changed since Rossini’s opera La Cenerentola first premiered in 1817, and yet the Cinderella story has stood the test of time. While society advances and evolves, the story’s themes

around kindness and forgiveness remains a constant source of comfort and hope. Like Cinderella’s story, Taylor McCaffrey continues to serve their clients, as they have done in Winnipeg for over 40 years, without ever losing sight of their core values.


At first glance, life’s cruelty has trapped Angelina, the main character of La Cenerentola. The death of her mother leaves behind unfair circumstances for the young woman. However, instead of giving into life’s limitations, Angelina chooses to stand in the sunshine of her own truth, with kindness and forgiveness by her side.


Similarly, Taylor McCaffrey leads by a commitment to listening and to gaining a full and complete understanding of the situation; elements upon which their lasting client relationships are built. This same attitude continues to drive the collaborative nature in which they work in order to achieve effective solutions for their clients.


The seeds of Angelina’s true character begin to blossom long before her outer transformation and the donning of a fancy ball gown. While Taylor McCaffrey’s headquarters in the heart of downtown Winnipeg have also had a “Cinderella” makeover, Taylor McCaffrey’s principles

continue to guide the firm which has grown into one of Manitoba’s leading law firms with a roster of over 60 dedicated lawyers.


As patrons rediscover Cinderella’s story, we are reminded about the value of kindness in the face of adversity. As Taylor McCaffrey’s story develops over the next 40 years, they are looking to build on their legacy and with a strong commitment to both their clients and our community.


We are grateful to Taylor McCaffrey Lawyers as a performance sponsor of Manitoba Opera’s production of La Cenerentola and for their commitment to opera in our community.


Angelina ( mezzo soprano Lizzy Hoyt) has her gown adjusted by her seamstresses (opera chorus members). Photo by Robert Tinker.

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