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RBC Emerging Artists believes in fostering supportive environments for Artists

Aug 19, 2022


What began as a program to help emerging artists step into the next stage of their careers has now evolved into a place for artistic discovery. Hosting its third consecutive year of singers, Manitoba Opera’s Digital Emerging Artist Program (DEAP) engages artists from across the country for a four‑week multidisciplinary course of intensive skill building and creative exploration.


For many emerging artists, the devastation of the pandemic included a delay in opportunities to connect with teachers, coaches, and a community of colleagues. RBC Emerging Artists understands the importance of creating space to ‘unlock the potential of artists.’ An important supporter of DEAP, RBC Emerging Artists has a long-standing commitment of offering opportunities to foster an environment of support so artists can create, build tools within their practice, and flourish. Providing a safe space fosters opportunities for experimentation, asking questions, and deep consideration of their unique artistic qualities to be shared with the world.


Since 2007 RBC Emerging Artists has been a dedicated advocate for emerging artists to successfully establish themselves within the artistic community. RBC believes that, by encouraging the advancement of artists with both their craft and unique perspective, they can provide a vibrancy to help their community shine. A supporter of DEAP since its inception in 2020, RBC has provided the opportunity for over a dozen Manitoba Opera emerging artists to find their voice, especially during the past couple of years, when it has been needed most.


Any artist can attest to the winding path of becoming. Luckily, DEAP artists have the privilege of absorbing the priceless advice and lived experiences their esteemed faculty have to offer. In a recent group mentor discussion, both DEAP participants and faculty mused on that magic ‘I’ve made it’ moment, where artistic self-justification is served. The discussion was met with a mix of tentative responses from semi-achieved success to ‘I’m still working on it.’ The session concluded with the sober truth: each artist’s journey is unique, and the supportive power of connection, community, and commitment are important elements within every story.


2022 Participants


With the help of RBC Emerging Artists, we’re building a stronger operatic community by listening and sharing stories to help artists pursue excellence while experiencing their own journey. DEAP artists are being provided an opportunity to redefine what success means for them within the context of their deepest artistic dreams. We are excited to hear what happens next.


DEAP is just one of many life-changing opportunities these artists will encounter through opera as they create connections with a growing community of audiences and supporters, now and in the future.  Thanks to RBC Emerging Artists for continuing to make a difference for the next generation of opera artists.

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