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Giving Back, Part of the Taylor McCaffrey Philosophy

Jul 27, 2022


For a full-service law firm, Taylor McCaffrey’s philosophy is simple: provide exceptional legal advice, be kind and contribute back to the communities in which they live and work. Supporting local charities is one of the ways Taylor McCaffrey contributes back.

As Manitoba Opera launches a new and historic season, it is the assistance of sponsors like Taylor McCaffrey who have made all the difference. With their unwavering support, Manitoba Opera has not only endured these times of uncertainty, but has thrived. Our corporate partners have given us the support needed to employ innovative thinking in order to adapt to the ever-changing climate. A perfect example was last season when as a result of the rising cases of COVID-19 in late winter, our mainstage production of La Cenerentola was postponed and replaced with the Gala Concert in April. Confident in the power of our collaboration, Taylor McCaffrey pivoted with Manitoba Opera and audience members were treated to an unforgettable evening of operatic delights.



The 50th anniversary season launches this fall with the opportunity to present the postponed production of La Cenerentola. Like Taylor McCaffrey’s philosophy, this opera’s central theme highlights the power of kindness toward others. In it, the main character, Angelina, overcomes adversity by seeing the humanity in every person, regardless of their lot in life. Like Angelina, Taylor McCaffery’s philosophy of kindness and involvement is rewarded by making their community stronger. The unamplified human voice is the perfect delivery for this message, creating a powerful story to change us from the inside out.

These lifechanging moments wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Thank you to Taylor McCaffrey for their generosity as a leader in our community and for their ardent support of Manitoba Opera.


Image: The Gala Concert, 2021. Photo: C. Corneau

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